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Founded in 1989, Sultan Restaurant is a privately owned entity. The restaurant was founded by Syrian immigrants in 2008. From 2013 till today the restaurant is owned and operated by local entrepreneurs Antoine and Patricia Bitten. Native of Aruba with middle eastern heritage Antoine has many years experience in the hospitality industry and his wife Patricia worked with the previous owners where she learned all about the Arabian culinary recipe's and cooking customs. Love and passion for this exotic food has inspired this couple to turn Sultan Restaurant in one of the most popular under the local and tourist visiting the Island. 


By visiting Sultan Restaurant you will be delighted with a unique experience of the middle east in Aruba. Our Middle Eastern Specialty dishes are prepared with the basic spices used in the Middle East in a slightly modern fusion style. 

Typically, dishes are served according to savoury or sweet, rather than in courses. Food is served in various platters and dishes at a dining table, served in plates, and eaten with cutlery, as is the European tradition. In traditional Arabian restaurants, a large, low table lined with Persian rugs and with cushions around the sides is the setting for feasting; people sit cross-legged in a circle, and food is served in the centre, again eaten with cutlery in separate plates. Afterwards, tea will be served in "kamar baareek" glasses [literally 'narrow waist'] with sugar lumps, Persian sweets, and possibly a hookah, enjoyed in the same communal fashion.



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